Statement :  The challenge is to immobilize the opponents

Event date:  12th May 2022

Who can participate:  College students (Diploma(Engg.), UG, PG)

Challenge:  For this robotics competition, the participants must build and bring one pre-constructed, autonomous or manual, wireless or wired robot whose purpose is to push, throw, flip, hit, drag or otherwise move the opponent out of the battle ring within the maximum battle time. The armed bot will fight using various methods in purpose-built arena to incapacitate each other. (Robot designs typically incorporate weapons for attacking opponents, such as axes, hammers, flippers and spinning devices; and not conducive to the safety and enjoyment of participants and spectators).

Referee will evaluates the performance of each robot by checking its immobilized, which may be due to damage inflicted from the other robot, being pushed into a position where it cannot drive or being removed from the arena within the given time.

No registration fee.

1st prize: 12,000/-    2nd prize: 10,000/-    3rd prize: 8,000/-

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